School Leaver Cv Template

(Provide your full name here)

Address: (Provide your full residential address)

Telephone: (Include your cell phone number and any landline number you can be contacted on)

(Write out your contact email address – keep it professional, and use only your first name and surname for an email address)

As a school-leaver, you would not have enjoyed much work experience to date. In this section, it is important to convey your personality and what you think your greatest strengths are. For example:

“An extremely hard-working and friendly person, who enjoys communicating with others from different cultures and backgrounds.”

Or, if you have had a job at a restaurant, for example:

“A highly self-motivated and outgoing person, who enjoys ensuring the provision of exceptional customer service at all times.”

This is the area where you set out what it is you are looking to do. As a school-leaver, you might be heading off to university, entering an internship, or even taking a gap year. You might even be looking for a small part-time role to support your studies. You need to explain your objective here so that the person reading your CV immediately knows what you are looking for.

Number of subjects taken
Subject (marks/grade achieved on previous report)
Subject (marks/grade achieved on previous report)

Grades predicted – full results expected *final date*

As a school-leaver, you may not have access to your results, so you can put down your predicted ones, as shown above. Your best results should be written at the top.

It is also very important to include the date when you finished school, as this gives the reader an indication as to how old you are.

Work Experience
Starting Date – Name of workplace

Describe how long you worked here, what you did and responsibilities and any contact details.

This is the section where you explain what work experience you have gained. Include the date, company name and information about what duties you carried out on a daily basis.

You can also include information about any voluntary work or part-time jobs that you may have had, following the same format as above.

Key IT Skills
Describe any computer applications you are comfortable using, i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Other Details
Let the reader know what it is that you like to do in your spare time. This just gives the interviewer a personal insight into you, and something to chat about at the end of an interview.

References: Employers like asking for references, so make sure you to include names of past
employers and/or persons who potential employers can contact to find out more about

Do not include your date of birth on your professional CV – if it is present, then the document could potentially be used to commit fraud.

Try to keep your CV to one page, as you won’t have that much experience so won’t need to extend to two.