Career Change Cv Template

(Provide your full name)
Address: (a full residential address needs to be included)
Telephone: (include your mobile number first and any landline you can be contacted on)
Email: (your contact email address)

To catch the eye of your prospective employer, quickly state what your skills are, what you want to achieve and what your personality is like. For example:
“A results-driven professional with excellent personal and communication skills, and a personality that makes me a people person.”

Talk about how and why you want to change your career direction here, i.e. “I didn’t feel fulfilled in the [blank] industry, but I know the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my previous job in the [blank] sector can be especially useful in your organisation.”

Key Skills (A few examples are listed below)
Office management
Administration management

If you are looking for a change of direction in career, then it is very important to show off the skills that you have gained throughout your previous experience that can be used in your possible new job. Always highlight your best abilities first.

Career Summary

Dates to and from:
JOB TITLE, Company Name
(Insert an explanation of the role, and why you left.)

When listing your previous jobs, you need to include all the details, set out as above. You should include achievements, duties and responsibilities for roles undertaken over the last 10 years in bullet point form.

If you previously had a job that is relevant to what you are aiming for, then list it as “relevant experience” and list all the relevant skills first.

Professional Development (A few examples are listed below)

First Aid
Public speaking
Administration management
And so on …
This section should include any workshops, seminars and courses that you took during the course of your career.


This section should include any Degree or certificates gained as well as any further qualifications, e.g. BsC, BCom, etc.

IT Skills
Include any computer programs you are comfortable using, i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Drive, etc.

Other Details

If the job requires a driving licence, mention here that you have one OR if the job requires languages, put these here and indicate to what level you speak them.

Let the reader know what you like to do in your spare time; this just gives the interviewer a personal view of you and something to chat about at the end of an interview.

References are available on request (Unless the job position specifically asks for references, then include two, and mention that more are available on request).

You mustn’t include your date of birth on your professional CV; this is because the document can be used by thieves to commit fraud if it is on there. Employers do not expect to see it but will ask for it if they absolutely need it. Include the date in the education section you left school as this will indicate your age.